Dental Implants, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Jaw Reconstruction

Dental Trauma

Dental trauma pertains to an injuries to the jaw, mouth, lips, teeth, gums and cheeks.  If you have experienced dental trauma, a visit to an oral surgeon may save any teeth that have been injured.
Often teeth that have fallen out or have been shifted out of place due to trauma, can be saved if treated within the first hour after an injury.  Different procedures can be performed in our office and do not require a hospital visit.
Injuries that include lacerations to the lips, cheeks or gums can also be easily treated in our office.  These procedures may or may not require sutures, or stitches, in order to repair any tears.
Injuries that pertain to the jaw, such as a fracture, may be repairable in our office, however, there are cases that will require repair in a hospital setting.  Jaw fractures that can be repaired in our office may be done under general anesthesia.  These repairs required archbars to stabilize the teeth and act as a cast for the jaw.  Sometimes both jaws are affected and require archbars which are then wired together.  Archbars stay in place for an average of 6 weeks to allow for adequate healing of the bone and teeth.